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A Close Shave

Maybe it’s a riposte to the rise of the bushy hipster beard and its accompanying twirly Poirot-style moustache, but the real, old-skool barbershop shaving experience is making a comeback. Yes, the cutthroat open razor kind that may scare off those of a jumpier disposition. They’d be missing out, though, because it’s about more than just getting a pro-class close shave. Take the Traditional Hot Towel Shaving Treatment at The Vale Resort (55mins, £55). After the initial one-to-one consultation with the therapist about any skin concerns, you have a pre-shave facial, followed by the hot towels treatment to soften stubble. Then comes the shave proper, a cold towel treatment to calm the skin down afterwards, topped off by a sleepily relaxing scalp massage. It really is the best shave of your life. If you don’t have time for the full Sweeney Todd, try new Refinery Shave Gel (125ml, £16). I found it a pretty perfect potion to use with the razor. It leaves your face feeling like you’ve had the most luxurious spa session ever. Smooth!

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