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Welsh Hearts was founded in 2013 and have been focusing on placing Defibrillators in communities and schools through-out Wales and holding free CPR training sessions to the public!

In just 3 years Welsh Hearts have trained over 12,000 people in CPR and have placed over 400 defibrillators across communities in Wales. The aim is to drastically improve the chances of those that have cardiac arrests outside of hospital where the first few minutes are crucial in saving lives. In Wales there are 8000 such sudden cardiac arrests annually. Shockingly the survival rate is only 3%. Where a defibrillator is used, the survival rate is 50%.

And screening can help. Too people in Wales are losing their lives to heart disease. It’s particularly sad to hear 12 young people die each week in the UK. This is why Welsh Hearts are fighting for people to be screened so heart abnormalities can be detected early enough to save lives.

Welsh Hearts do not receive any government funding relying solely on donations and fundraising activities. If you would like to fundraise, volunteer or choose them as your designated charity please get in touch. A defibrillator costs £1,000, a heart screening full day session costs £5,000, an ECG machine costs £3,500 and echo machine £25,000. These vital pieces of equipment do and will continue to save more lives in Wales and as a Welsh heart charity they are proud that every single penny raised in Wales is spent in Wales.

Welsh Hearts

If you would like more information about placing a defibrillator in your community, school or place of work please let Welsh Hearts know so they can support you! If you would like to sponsor a heart screening day in your community then please contact them.

For more information or 02920 647735

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