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Billy Connolly Art Lands At St David's Centre

Billy Connolly

With the recent announcement of his retirement from live performance, fans of the great Sir Billy Connolly can still connect with the ‘Big Yin’ through the medium of art.

The award-winning comedian-turned-artist’s latest collection has recently arrived at Castle Fine Art in St David’s Centre. The collection, which comprises a selection of original ink drawings and signed limited edition prints, can be purchased from the gallery

Born On A Rainy Day was given its title after Billy was in Montreal on a very cold, rainy day. He bought some pens and a sketchbook and began to draw. Initially drawing desert islands, he soon began to repeat and experiment, eventually refining his ideas.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 14.07.04.png

Billy’s initial ink drawings received critical acclaim and were highly sought after by his fans and collectors. He released a second instalment a year later, demonstrating a developed style and experimentation with composition and colour.


Allowing each of his images the freedom to become ‘whatever it is destined to become’, Billy evolves his illustrations as he creates them. His creative process mirrors that of the Surrealist automatism movement, whereby the artist allows the hand to move randomly across the paper or canvas, without intent to create anything specically.

There is nothing contrived or intended about Billy’s work, it is creativity in its purest form. It has come from a place inside the artist that is not concerned with an audience or showmanship, it is not driven by a reaction or approval; it is simply being. Each drawing has taken its own path and begins to come alive as the viewer creates their own unique narrative.

Speaking about his artwork, Billy Connolly said: “My art bears no relation to comedy or music. It is pure and unjudged and I am creating for myself. It is personal and private, whereas with a film, comedy show or music you expect people to be critiquing, watching, assessing. Art is different - it liberates you.”


For more information about Born On A Rainy Day contact the gallery:
/ 02922 130 100

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