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Coyote Ugly

The Coyote Ugly Saloon is known as the most famous bar on the planet and for good reason.  It may be many years since the 1999 film appeared on screen but the brand has expanded across the globe from the United States of America to Japan, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and even Kyrgyzstan!  The UK's first venue is now open in Wales in the heart of the Capital, Cardiff.

You won't get your high end cocktails with satin covered booths here.  Instead you get a raw, gritty, no frills decor owing a lot to the original with custom signs from the likes of Coors, Coca Cola, Jamesons and other top brands.

The Coyotes are on hand day and night serving some amazing food and drinks and after 7pm they are up on the bar dancing and keeping you entertained.

Our advice is to book in advance should you wish to visit at the weekends or arrive early.  


Tel: 02920221510

Facebook: @CoyoteUglyWales

Twitter: @CoyoteUglyWales

Instagram: @CoyoteUglyWales

Hashtag: #CoyoteUglyCardiff


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