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Hublot, the premium watch brand available exclusively through Watches of Switzerland in Cardiff, continues its Hublot loves football campaign as the official time-keeper for Euro 16. A quick glance at the wrist of many of the world’s great footballing characters, from Mourinho through to Pele, will go to show just how popular the brand is amongst football’s glitterati. To mark Hublot’s involvement on Euro 16, they’ve released the official watch of Euro 16, the Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph UEFA Euro 2016.

With a red, white and blue ‘face’ on a black ceramic case, this limited edition model is part of Hublot’s famous Big Bang range. It comprises of a Unico 44 jewel movement with 4 years of development and 330 hand-made and hand-assembled parts (many football related, such as extra time indicators). For a collector it’s a must have. However, with only 100 available most of us will have to be content with a model from elsewhere in the range, many of which are on display in Watches of Switzerland. With approximately 20 models drawn from the Big Bang and Classic Fusion ranges, there’s a large selection to choose from – and you never know, a few years down the line there may be a Gareth Bale model in the line-up too.

Hublot, available through Watches of Switzerland, 23 St David’s Way, St David’s Centre, Cardiff CF10 2DP

Hublot Watches
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