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Top 5 Adrenaline Junky Adventures in Wales

Top 5 Adrenaline Junky Adventures in Wales

Some people just like to relax in their spare time. We don’t have anything against that. Who doesn’t like to relax sometimes? Some people are a bit different though. They’re not happy unless they’re hurtling down a mountain at breakneck speeds, on fire. Well, perhaps not on fire, but you get my drift. As it happens, there’s plenty of exciting things for people to do in Wales, so we’ve compiled a list of them:

  • Mountain Boarding. Mountain boarding is, in essence, similar to skateboarding, only instead of rashly attempting to do an ‘ollie’, falling off and grazing a knee, you strap yourself on and go down a hill. The perfect terrain makes Wales a great place to try out the sport.

  • 400 ft Bungee Jump. Participants hurl themselves from a 300ft crane over a 100ft quarry. A quick Google search informs me that bungee jumping was devised in the 70’s by a group called the ‘Dangerous Sports Club’. Surprisingly, in spite of this, bungee jumping is safe as well as thrilling.

  • Kite Surfing. Kite Surfing, as the name suggests, is basically (very basically) surfing with a kite. I’m talking about power kites though. In other words, these aren’t the little Mary Poppins ones you’re probably thinking about. Power kites can lift a grown man or woman several meters off the ground, meaning kite surfers can get some serious air.

  • Fastest and longest zipline in Europe. You might have been on a zipline before. Perhaps when you were doing team-building at work. Those can be fun, but this one isn’t like them. For one thing it travels at blistering speeds of up to 100mph. Secondly, it’s well over half a kilometer long and suspended 500ft over the rocky crags of Snowdonia. Not for the faint-hearted.

  • Skydiving. There’s few more terrifying or exciting experiences than skydiving. Those craving the life-affirming feeling that can only be had by throwing oneself from an aeroplane and plunging thousands of feet through the air can do so over the lovely countryside of the Gower peninsula.

Those looking for yet more exciting outdoor activities in Wales can visit, or keep an eye out for our outdoor activities feature in the next issue. Please comment, like and share!

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