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Best Car Park Ever?

We all know that everyone is opting to holiday a little closer to home this year. It may sound surprising, but car parks shouldn’t just be seen as the spot to leave your car and dash out of quickly, sometimes they can be a destination in their own right! 

Luckily for you, RingGo have weeded out the concrete jungles and selected the car parks that are the cream of the crop for the UK – whether that be for sightseeing or to park your campervan up in and enjoy for a night. 

First up, we have the top 4 carparks that double up as perfect viewing spots: 

1. Edinburgh Castle Car Park

Edinburgh is a city steeped in history and beauty, but before you run off for your day of culture, take a minute to take in the beauty of the castle, right from the comfort of your car! 

2. Bamburgh Castle Car Park, Northumberland

Bamburgh Castle is set on the stunning Northumberland coast, and the car park you arrive in definitely sets the scene for the views you will encounter during your visit. The photo opportunities quite literally begin from the moment you park up! 

3. St Michaels Mount Car Park, Cornwall 

St Michaels Mount is a must-see if you’re ‘staycationing’ in Cornwall this year, but make sure you check the tide times first, or you might be swimming back to your car! It’s another beauty spot in the UK that can be admired whilst riding shotgun. 

4. Brixham Marina Car Park, Devon 

Devon is quickly becoming one of the most popular staycation spots for Britain’s looking to take advantage of the late summer heat wave. This Marina car park sits right on the coast but mainly sheltered from any south-westerly winds. It boasts a beautiful view of the yacht laden water, where you can start your day off at the buzzing fish market and end it with the sound of sea shanties. 

If you fancy enjoying the beauty of your surroundings for a little longer, RingGo have also compiled the top 3 Staycation spots you can take your campervan to and enjoy overnight:

1. Kingsbarns Beach Car Park, St Andrews, Scotland

Whilst the Scottish weather isn’t renowned for rivalling that of the Caribbean, the gorgeous coastline along St. Andrews is glorious come rain or shine. This carpark provides the option of staying overnight, giving you even more time to try the Scottish delicacies. 

2. Kettlewell Car Park, The Lake District

The perfect spot for those who are in search of a more active summer holiday this year. This car park allows you to park right on the lake, the ideal base camp for plenty of hikes and walks. What could be more rewarding than dinner out of your van on the lake after walking for miles?

3. Praa Sands Beach Car Park, Cornwall

Located on the (hopefully!) sunny Cornish coast, this spot is the dream for any beach lover. Simply park up and within minutes you can be lying on the beach with an ice cream in hand. If you opt to stay overnight, you’ll have the best view in town from sunrise till sunset.

We love a great view, let us know if you find a spot that has to be checked out! Comment below.

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