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Look good and stay safe

As lockdown measures are eased across the UK, members of the public are advised to wear face coverings in their everyday lives, from visiting the local shops, to using public transport.

RedHanded Magazine has been trying out various face coverings from across the globe and here are some of the best we've found.

With the risk of a ‘second wave’ constantly being warned, it’s prudent to adhere to the recommendations.  We take a look at some of the science behind the recommendations and seek out some of the most fashionable designs to see if they measure up.

We are advised that before leaving home you should plan how you will keep safe and minimise risk.  You should consider what additional things you may need to take with you when leaving your home, such as hand sanitiser, a bag for used tissues and a face covering.

We know first hand that some of these face coverings, although maybe practical, make you look completely ridiculous.  But don't worry, we certainly won't be wearing gas masks at the supermarket or cutting holes in the front of our masks so we can ‘share a smile’.

Firstly the science behind wearing a mask.  Popular German face mask brand miamasuku® has been sharing this awesome graphic which explains things a lot clearer than what’s been shared locally.  It points out factual information that people appreciate.

Firstly we take a look at the masks from FXG. These are different from many as they feature the very latest fabric treatment from leading Swiss technology brand HEIQ to give added confidence to prevent the spread of any virus.  Their 3-part mask is engineered for performance, tailored for comfort, and available in a mix of playful patterns and unique designs.

The masks have a polyester outer layer which is printed using sublimation techniques and treated with Viroblock NP J03, a polyester inner layer with filter pocket and a choice of non-woven (lightweight) or woollen (heavy weight) filters.

With styles varying from the Scottish flag to floral designs, Celtic and Rangers designs, black marble, tartan and our favourite, a plain dark blue version, the choices on offer are quite extensive.  The masks are very easy to put on and their fasteners are the best we’ve seen, featuring an adjustable toggle.

Next, we take a look at miamasuku who are quite frankly, the Rolls Royce of the face mask world.  We took a look at two versions of their mask, one with a cotton tie-back and one with the elastic straps.  The masks themselves are made from 100% cotton, which is sewed into two-layered masks with straps (identical colour). The cotton straps are to be bound behind both the back of the head and the neck, creating a well breathable and perfectly fittable mouth and nose covering. It's purely down to preference whether you opt for elastic behind the ear fastenings or behind the head cotton straps.

The most remarkable feature of this mask is that after wearing it for quite a long time, it still felt comfortable, with no visible markings to the face.  It’s also the most stylish mask we have seen, staying away from the splattering of colours and designs available elsewhere and rather opting for simple, elegant designs that match with most outfits, available in black, red or dark blue.

Hype has long been one of the UK’s most popular fashion brands online and they have been quick to market with their face coverings.  They offer a vast range of masks of varying quality.  Some are extremely easy to wear, just hook around the ears and go.  Many feature bold and brash designs, perfect for the younger crowd with some featuring the N95 style valve.  However, with 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane they did fall short of all expectations until we came across their “Hype Tech Knit Face Mask”.

These versions came with the standard, non-adjustable ear loops but are made in the UK with 12% Elastomeric, 40% Polyester, and 48% Diolen Hygienic Poly, meaning it’s stretchable.  The main thing that sets this mask apart was that it did not cause fogging when wearing glasses.  It's comfortable, easy to put on, and is very well made.

WIN: You could win a facemask from FXG or miamosuku, just share this post and tag in 'RedHanded Magazine Scotland' on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Winner is chosen at random from either RedHanded Magazine Wales or RedHanded Magazine Scotland at the end of August.

For the latest advice regarding Corona Virus in Scotland, please visit or


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