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The Extra Mile

Groom for Men

It’s all about Customer Service at Groom For Men.

Products make a big difference to your ability to maintain your hair style at home. One of the most positive areas of feedback Groom For Men get from clients is the way they explain how to recreate the style when their barbers are not around to do it for them. It’s one thing to leave the barbershop looking and feeling great, but is it too much to ask to be able to achieve that look at home?

What a lot of hairdressers and barbers sometimes forget to tell you, is that drying your hair into position can be one of the most important factors in achieving your look at home. As it goes from being wet to dry, the chemical formula of your hair undergoes a change, and this process sets it into position very firmly. Anyone who’s ever slept with wet hair, and woken up with a wild style can attest to this.

Not every man has time to spend drying their hair meticulously in front of a mirror every morning, but it’s good to know how to boss your hair around on those special occasions, rather than letting it boss you around.

This is the kind of in-depth knowledge they pride themselves on at Groom for Men, feeling it’s important to pass expertise on to customers. They currently stock 2 product ranges for styling hair; Hairbond and Dapper Dan. Both are British, independent companies who are taking the industry by storm. Dapper Dan also offer a great range of shaving products, which we’re looking at offering as part of a gift-bundle, in the lead-up to Christmas. Grooming gifts have long been a mainstay of Christmas, from deodorants to fine fragrances. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get someone a more personal grooming gift this Christmas though? Groom For men are offering vouchers, individually tailored to suit the recipient, for that personal touch this Christmas.

If you know someone who finds their hands get very dry over the winter period, why not book them in for a hydrating manicure? If you know a relative dreads having their photograph taken over Christmas, help them look their best and feel confident and book them in for a haircut and hot towel shave, and let Groom For Men do what they do best - make people look and feel good about themselves.

Groom for Men

Groom For Men, 

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