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Winter GEAR 2017


Having once been nothing more than the source of hilarious camera footage of drunk Russian drivers on YouTube, the trend of filming your journey has fast becoming the norm over on this side of the iron curtain too. As well as promoting general road safety and wellbeing, the positive implications on your car insurance from having your journeys recorded has seen a huge demand for better and more sophisticated dashcams in recent years.


Check out the ProofCam PC202 Full HD Dash Cam Video Recording Car Camera LCD + 8GB Micro SD for our pick of the bunch based on quality and price.

Life on the Open Road

The Roadmaster is Belstaff’s flagship item of clothing, and plays a huge part in the brand’s rich heritage and DNA.  Whether you’re braving the elements on the back of your motorbike in the bleak midwinter or trying to look effortlessly and achingly cool on a cold night-out in January there can only be one go-to jacket that can cover all basis – and this Umber Brown Roadmaster is it . Don’t the let the price fool you – this kind of timeless style lasts for ever… as will the jacket itself, no doubt.

Belstaff Jacket

Mens Monrovia INS Jacket in Mustard

Price: £595.00



Why the hell am I only finding out about high-end winter shoe maker Boggs now?! Waterproof, hard-wearing but also extremely fashionable and gorgeous, you’ll bless the day you put on a pair of their Plimsoll Quilted Wellies.

Price: £95.00



O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream was created in the USA over 20 years ago, when it was developed by pharmacist Tara O’Keeffe over her kitchen sink, to help relieve and repair her rancher father’s dry and cracked hands. Now available in the UK it’s a must-have for any rugged, outdoorsy type’s shopping basket.

Price: £7.99 (85g tube)


Aint No Mountain High Enough

Winter isn’t going to stop you getting out into the wild and enjoying nature, but the season’s inevitable wind and rain season can prove hazardous if relying on your mobile for safety and wellbeing. With the Amplicomms M7510’s ultra-loud speaker you’ve peace of mind that you’ll hear the phone ring and what the person on the other end is saying wherever you are and whatever the conditions.

Price: £99.99 

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