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6 of the best... Energy Essentials

In our ever-speeding, non-stop, literally woke world, energy has become the most covetable commodity of our times. Not the kind that is driving and dividing geopolitics and causes moneyman Martin Lewis to chastise us for not switching fuel companies. The energy we’re talking about here comes care of the lotion’n’potion pots of grooming products that promise to perk us up and espresso energy reserves. Admittedly, they won’t up the energy ante as much as an actual coffee, but they do make you feel a bit more refreshed and rejuvenated, just minus the caffeine shakes and racing heart.

1. This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel

(250ml, £16) Unless you’re a born lark, most of us need a swift energy hit first-thing. Rosemary- and sandalwood- scented, this is a great wake-up call to start the day. Plus, it’s sulphate-free so doesn’t strip skin moisture.

2. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

(75ml, £33) No a.m. grooming routine is complete without a quick mug onceover with moisturiser and this vitamin-laced energiser fires up even the most frazzled fizzog. Easily-absorbed and non-greasy, it also contains an SPF – shockingly these days not moisturiser standard- issue – so curbs sun and pollution damage.

3. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask

(200ml, £42) If your face needs more of an industrious MOT, then here’s the grooming mechanic for the job. Whereas most facemasks tend to be time-sapping palavers this does energy wonders in five minutes flat leaving your mug looking raring-to-go revitalised.

4. Dermot O’Leary Eye Roller

(15ml, £10) Eyes are a dead giveaway the energy tank is running on empty. Cooling and tightening, this de-bags, de-puffs and generally zhuzhes up even the most dog- tired peepers, making it a ‘sleb’ collaboration (exclusively with M&S) that is more stylish substance than cynical sideline cashcow.

5. Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Lotion

(300ml, £26) Although we’re largely onboard with moisturising our faces we still mostly neglect the rest of our bodies. It’s worth the bother, though, especially if you train. Rich and restorative, this is perfect for those post- workout aching, sweat-drained muscles.

6. Jo by Jo Loves

(50ml, £70) Smell plays a big part in our perception of energy levels, which is old news to scent supremo Jo Malone. Now trading under the Jo Loves banner since selling her eponymous company, this is her first eponymous fragrance. Mixing basenotes of grapefruit, lime, bitter orange and spearmint, this unisexer sparks the senses and makes you feel like a member of the wide- awake club.


Feed your good bugs: Eating more prebiotic foods encourages the growth of good gut bacteria, which aids the absorption of nutrients having a huge effect on the body’s release and regulation of energy. Good sources include onions, asparagus, leeks, artichokes, apples and bananas.


Catch some rays: Get some natural light. Even during the winter months, the UV in sunlight should be strong enough to make energy-generating vitamin D so avoid central heating hibernation this season and spend at least 20 minutes a day outdoors to put more pep in your step.


Up the roughage: A lack of fibre can leave us feeling sluggish. Aim for 18g per day; there are 4g in a bowl of bran flakes, 3g in a baked potato and 2g in an apple. Reach the daily target by eating wholegrain carbs, plus, as always, plenty of fruit and veg.


Declutter: According to ancient Chinese wisdom, clutter equals energy that’s trapped, thus draining energy from the people around it. A clear-out not only helps us physically by getting us moving, but gives a psychological spring-clean that also energises us.


Take a supplement: Produced naturally by the body, coenzyme Q10 is a compound that helps regulate our energy supply. However, as we age the production decreases and the only way to return to higher levels is by taking a supplement. Researchers recommend 100mg a day.


Spa Gazing

The Spa at Holm House, Penarth

Signature treatment: Using a potent blend of ginger, almonds, patchouli and apricots the Spice Body Scrub (25 minutes, £37) is a deeply cleansing and intensely invigorating treatment that makes skin feel buffed and Insta post-prepped.

Prices: For such an impressive operation, it’s remarkably reasonable. Best value is a 55-minute Hot Pebble Massage that comes in at a competitive 60 quid.

Service: Highly honed without being harassingly haute, staare welcoming and friendly and effortlessly accommodating.

The X Factor: The sweeping grandeur of the seaside setting. The choreographed attention to detail. The top-notch nosh in the restaurant. The easy charm. The cleanly contemporary design. Take your pick because this place is an all-round class act.

Score: A knock-it-out-of-the-park 9 out of 10.

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