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Chances are that your smartphone’s camera is tragically underused – and capable of far more than just selfies and foodie pics. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated shot you could do worse than invest in a Manfrotto Pixi Pano 360. Its compact and lightweight 360-degree rotating head has Bluetooth wireless connection, remote control and a dedicated iOS App. Perfect for precision panoramas and moving time lapse videos.

Price: £99.99


The XPlora GPS Kids allows parents the peace of mind of giving their kids access to a phone should they need to get hold of you at any time, but takes away those worries about allowing them unsupervised access to that pit of depravity and corruption that is the internet. GPS means they’re super trackable should they be out of your sight for too long. You can set-up safety zones, send messages and hey, it even tells the time!

Price: £99 upfront / £5month line rental Retail:

ON ‘Q’

Susie-Q from British brand VQ is not only one of the sexiest digital radios on the market, it is also the most connected radio in the world with a whole host of features all of which are housed in an exquisite real wood and enamel case. The radio you’ve been dreaming of lets you enjoy DAB / DAB+ Digital Radio and traditional FM Analogue, internet radio, wireless streaming and has Spotify Connect for Spotify Premium customers. And whilst its look is timeless, it will actually tell you the time as well.

Price: £299.99 Retail:


For 20 years, the world’s greatest artists have used Blue in the studio. Now they’ve created a wireless over-ear headphone that lets you hear more of your favourite music, everywhere you go. The Blue Satellite combines legendary Blue sound quality with all-new, patent pending, active noise cancelling technology to ensure your music is never compromised. Once you’ve slipped these over your ears you’ll understand why so many happy listeners rate these as one of the best on the market.Price: £379.99



There’s no part of modern life that tech can’t make better, more efficient or safer. Welsh company Road Safety Designs Ltd has made sure this is true of road safety also. Older passive warning triangles reflect the light from a motorist’s headlights, but BriteAngleuses active LED lights, increasing the effective distance and time to be seen, helping to avoid a potential accident. In tricky, dangerous situations like these – that extra bit of time, visibility and peace of mind can be the difference between life and death.

Price: £37.95


If you’ve taken the plunge and bought a robot vacuum before, chances are that it may have found itself beached on a thick rug, or stuck in an area of the house where it really shouldn’t be going to if it knew what was good for it. Past solutions included magnetic strips or beacons – but now with its fully automated app the Neato Botvac D7 Connected can set-up ‘’no- go zones’’ in the house to help ensure that it doesn’t get into difficulties and gets the job done. This particular model also works with Alexa, so you can control the whole process with your voice. Who knew housework could be so easy!!?? Price: £799.99


With all the important components in one package, the devolo Home Control Starter Pack has all the bits to help you start making your home smart. It includes the ‘boss unit’ that discreetly ensures that all components of your smart home work with each other without a hitch, whilst another unit detects open doors, windows or drawers and sounds the alarm if something isn‘t right. While you are still sleeping, your Smart Meter Plug is already working brewing fresh coffee, turning off devices that you have forgotten or warning you if the refrigerator is still open - all operated via an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Price: £179.99

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