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Space Odyssey

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And because they’ve been designing kitchens for 40 years, combined with Claire’s experience as a highly accomplished cook, not only can they come up with a great look that genuinely reflects your personality, they know how to find the ideal composition and lay-out for your kitchen – before putting mouse to pad to create your design they’ll fire off a barrage of questions to find out what you really need, not necessarily what you want.


Space Fitting also has the hands-on skills to put these ideas into practice. As a team of experienced craftsmen and carpenters they can turn even the most elaborate designs and structures into reality with a first-class quality of finish. Notably, they recently made a dining table with rotating storage underneath that unobtrusively folds away whilst their showroom has a display with a curved artificial ceiling.


And you can add to that some of the best fixtures and fittings around including Rational cabinets, MOG furniture, Miele appliances, and Tom Dixon lighting and access to unusual items, such as meat basher handles, granite worktops with seams of copper running through.


Whether it’s the aforementioned Lambo quarter panel inspiration, a coffee table made to resemble an airplane wing or a LED screen in your kitchen floor, they aren’t afraid to inject fun into their designs, to make them quirky and interesting – a far cry from most kitchen companies where the main objective is to sell cabinets and appliances.

The team at Space Fitting Furniture aren’t your typical kitchen design company, far from it. Have you ever come across a company that’s used a quarter panel from a Lamborghini as the design inspiration for a customer’s kitchen?


Steve and Claire Bloom at Space Fitting Furniture start by finding out what interests you, what floats your boat, what your hobbies, interests and passions are. And from all this they’ll get an idea for what’s going to excite you. Whether it’s a workstation in the shape of a part of your favourite car, a space age theme or throwing wild dinner parties with friends.

space fitting, kitchen, lifestyle

The result of this holistic and imaginative approach to kitchen design is a stack of happy customers, plenty of awards (KBB Review Showroom of the Year in 2014) and a reputation as Wales’ most impressive kitchen company.


Space Fitting Furniture, The Design Quarter, 4 Colchester Ave,

Cardiff CF23 9XE. T. 029 2045 5778

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