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New York Diner

First impressions are great. NYD has really nailed the whole New York loft thing. Bare brick, neon signage, soft filament lighting, comfy leather chairs and distressed furniture. And a combo of open plan and booths give a light and airy feel. There’s a great menu and lots of variations on the Americana theme too with plenty of takes on burgers. We kicked off with nachos, a staple done well, and with a cheese sauce for a bit of variety. I particularly liked my ‘dirty’ version with added home-made chile con carne, which  - Also impressive is the number of Veggie options - particularly good for us with one avowed meat lover and one lettuce muncher. Another nice twist is the ability to build your own burger. Something that A, opted to do. Using a falafel burger as a base, she added caramelised onion and avocado mash to create a lovely, layered mix of flavours. The top notch falafel was mildly spiced, the onion sweet and the avocado cooling and refreshing.

Our littlun’s children’s meal chicken was proper chicken breast strips, with no nugget in sight, chargrill seasoned and grilled to perfection was ‘yummy, crunchy on the outside, tender in the middle’. My Empire Stack was immense – 16ozs of beef and pulled chicken with all the trimmings. Nicely cooked and well-seasoned it was quality as well as quantity, nicely cooked with a good depth of flavour throughout. For puds, for me at least it had to be New York cheese cake – classic and simple but oh so good, with a light but firm consistency, crunchy base and a tangy, delicately sweet cheesiness. The home-made waffles came laden with all kinds of chocolate gooeyness – perfect. NYD is not a conventional burger hangout, it’s so much more and 100% worth checking out.

New York Diner, 157 City Road, Cardiff CF24 3BQ Tel. 029 2048 9790

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