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Escape Artists

Escape games have taken off in a big way Stateside and throughout the rest of the UK. And the first to arrive in Cardiff has opened its doors. But this is no normal, run-of-the-mill chain. Fiercely independent, Escape Rooms Cardiff do things differently and have been getting accolades for their unique approach to escape games.

Put simply you and your team get locked in a themed room (usually for an hour) where the only way out is to find and solve a series of hidden clues and puzzles that eventually lead you to the key to the door. It’s even more fun when you’re competing against another team - the first one to solve the fiendishly clever riddles and unlock the door wins. Easy. Not.

So, what’s so special about Escape Rooms Cardiff? Most companies simply buy the kit, games and software ‘off-the-shelf ’ which means they can be a bit samey. But Escape Rooms Cardiff has taken it to the next level – all their games have been redeveloped specifically for them and as a result are much more fun and unusual. Escape from a boobytrapped Egyptian tomb, find and release a missing Sherlock Holmes or steal a priceless artefact from a museum before the rozzers catch you. All require quick-thinking and teamwork and are enormous fun, even if you don’t get out in time!

Escape Rooms, Cardiff

Prices from £17 per player per hour. 119 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10

1DY. Tel. 029 2167 9700.

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