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Matt Hambly, Associate Style Editor at Men’s Health, imparts words of wisdom and chooses his must-have fashion items from retailers within the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Bridgend for A/W.

1.  You’ve had a good look around McArthur Glen Bridgend, which retailers particularly impressed you and why?

I really liked Levi’s and Moss Bros. Levi’s are great at creating that sense of brand in store – you walk through the door and you know you’re in Levi’s. More importantly, the product lives up to the décor. Their denim jackets and jeans are hard to beat and despite the world and his wife owning a pair, they’re still cool and credible. At the other end of the spectrum, Moss Bros have made sure that the suits they offer aren’t just drab, 9 to 5 styles. They have a really good selection of smart and interesting suits that will help you stand out but won’t leave you looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Matt earned a degree in fashion journalism from The UCCA before embarking on a career in magazines. He has held positions at FHM (deputy style editor) ASOS (Menswear Editor) Esquire Weekly (deputy editor) and now works as the associate style editor for Britain’s biggest selling men’s magazine, Men’s Health. He’s interviewed everyone from John Galliano to Tim Westwood, moonlights as a drummer, brand consultant and occasional lecturer in Fashion Journalism at the UCCA.

2. What are your top three trends for this A/W? Men’s clothing is becoming more adventurous but I don’t think that means we all need to dress outlandishly to look good. In fact, if you look at 3 of the winter’s biggest trends: checks, elevated streetwear and rich fabrics, it’s easy to see how they could fit into what you wear everyday. Starting with checks, try swapping a plain blazer for a checked one and wear it with jeans and boots. Elevated streetwear refers to something you might wear to the gym, a sweatshirt for instance, but dressed up. Try wearing a sweatshirt over a smart shirt, with chinos and trainers. Lastly, rich fabrics like velvet and cashmere are ideal for 
winter. The easiest way to get in on that trend is to look for a velvet bomber or a cashmere sweater.

3. What Bridgend retailers would you recommend to put outfits together that reflect these trends and have you seen any particular bargains that have really caught your eye?

As mentioned, Moss Bros and Levis’ are worth visiting, as are Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein jeans and Lacoste – which has a great selection of polo shirts. In Moss Bros, there’s a particularly good brushed wool, check suit with a wide peak lapel. Sure, it’s a statement but one that will get you noticed.

4. Not all of us are slim model physiques, there are a lot of well-built rugby players in Wales for example – what tips do you have for different shapes and sizes?

Yep, I hear you – working for Men’s Health, I’m well aware that the average guy isn’t built like a beanpole. I think the best piece of advice I can give is to dress for your shape, not to fit a trend. If you feel restricted, if your shirt buttons are pulling or it hurts to sit down, your clothes are too tight. People have confused ‘tight’ with ‘well fitting’. In fact, clothes that allow you to move properly are the best fitting and most flattering. Keep that in mind and you won’t go far wrong, whatever your size or shape.

Reiss Sartorial Shapes

Blazer R

RP £265 Outlet £175

Moss Bros Slim Fit Navy Paisley Velvet Jacket

RRP £129 Outlet £99

Levi_s shirt mens AW17

RRP £70 Outlet £48

Calvin Klein scarf

RRP £45 Outlet £32

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Bridgend, The Derwen, Bridgend CF32 9SU

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