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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Hitched: From "How to" to "I do"

The missus

You’ve finally figured out that she is, indeed, “the one”. Now it’s about making it from the proposal to the aisle with minimal casualties to your budget and your style. Don’t forget the importance of the proposal itself; there are no

pointers we can give here, because it’s about your bride and your memories. Tailor it to whatever she loves, or even better, something you both love, because there is nothing more attractive than knowing your partner cares

about your passions and interests. So go wild... within reason, of course.

The bling

If you’re at a point where you and your lady are getting married, you should probably know what her taste is when it comes to rings. Hopefully she has been dropping some serious hints, but if she hasn’t, her best friend is bound to know. If you’re looking to surprise your bride-to-be and asking her friend about styles is too risky (when it comes to secrets – or lack thereof – girls talk), have no fear! Crouch the Goldsmiths ( 029 2039 9769) have a specific inspiration and advice section on their website and the staff will be more than happy to talk you through your options as well. You could also hop on over to Clive Ranger ( 029 2034 4546), Cardiff ’s resident diamond specialists. If you’re looking ahead to wedding bands, they offer a range of bands that can be engraved for that extra personal touch. Award-winning Northern Star Bespoke Jewellery ( 029 2070 9707) specialise in bespoke rings, taking advantage of cutting edge computer-aided design techniques. Both Clive Ranger and Northern Star can custom build you a ring based on any idea or design; the only thing you need is a solid imagination. Change the metal and band style, the mount or

the rock itself - everything can be customised and tailored to your exact needs. You can design it as a surprise, as long as you have a good idea of the bride’s taste, or design it together to make the ring even more special! They can also re-work a family heirloom into something unique and modern.


An important aspect to remember when looking at rings is the pricing. These days there is a huge range of styles and sizes, meaning there is a ring available for every type of budget. Just talk to the staff about your needs and they will be able to assist you in finding the right ring without leaving you unable to afford

a suit.

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The well groomed groom

Shockingly enough, your bride will most likely be in charge of her outfit, which leaves you the task of dressing yourself. It’s a tough life. Make sure it fits the theme or colour scheme (or both!) and figure out if buying or renting would fit best. Luckily most suits are versatile enough to become future wardrobe staples, but if yours isn’t, consider renting it; that’d be a big money saver as well. Perfection Bridal and Menswear ( 029 2039 6315) is the place to go if you want traditional wedding suits, but if we’re talking traditional, there are kilts galore in your family line’s tartan available at Welsh Tartan ( 017 92 474685).


Whether your style is classic or something a bit more modern and flashy, your wedding is a great opportunity to be chauffeured around like a king for the day. Perfect Wedding Cars

( 029 2002 4341) will sort you out for the big day. Their entourage includes a Bentley Arnage and a Porsche Cayenne. Just remember to get the seal of approval for car choices from your bride! Don’t go for a modern Mercedes if your wedding is a vintage Pinterest extravaganza (you know the drill, milkshakes out of jam jars, barnyarddances, etc).

The stumbling stag

The best way to relieve pre-wedding stress is, of course, the day when your best mates get to spoil you, or more likely, tease you relentlessly as they film you performing various drunken stunts. If you’ve chosen your best man

wisely, he will know you well enough to plan something that fits your personality. It never hurts to have some inspiration, though! Why not point him towards Cardiff International White Water ( 029 2082 9970)?

They offer a huge range of adrenalin fuelled activities, from the intensity of white water rafting to the dryer air trail. With its prime location at Cardiff Bay, there are plenty of eateries and bars to top off the night, as well as hotels to stumble back to. Other adrenalin filled options include Go Ape ( 0843770 3877) for all of your primal, Tarzan based fantasies about swinging through treetops; Shaggy Sheep ( 07919 244549), which hosts a range of activities such as paintballing and off-road driving; and a shout out to Welsh Games ( 029 2010 9333), who can offer Total Wipeout style games with a Welsh twist, such as Sheep Rodeo and Leek Lampin’.

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