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James Sommerin Restaurant
Restaurant James Sommerin has recently become the first restaurant in the Cardiff area to gain a coveted Michelin star. As proud as he is of this achievement, James’ satisfaction that his daughter, Georgia, has followed in his footsteps and become an integral member the team is greater. So, we caught up with Georgia to find out why on earth she wants to work with her dad! 

What's it like working with 'dad'? Is he a sea of calm or more like Gordon Ramsay?

It’s good working with him (at the moment anyway), Ive learnt so much from him over the past few years and am very grateful. I hope I can be as good as him one day - he is my inspiration.

With a Michelin star to his name, is he a hard task master?

I wouldn’t say a hard task master, he’s a perfectionist and knows what he wants and if it’s not good enough then you know about it.

How did you feel when the team achieved the Michelin star?

I was so proud, quite overwhelmed actually.

What made you want to work in a restaurant kitchen?

My dad! i have worked with him on a Saturday since I was 13 and decided in January to leave what I was doing in college and come into the kitchen full time and I love it, there is no feeling like the buzz you get from a busy service.

How has being able help out from such an early age helped your career?

It certainly taught me all the basic skills before coming in to it full time.

What aspects of cooking do you enjoy most?

I love working on pastry but enjoy every aspect of the kitchen.

What's your ambition?

Oh gosh, at the moment to work as hard as I can to gain knowledge and experience and then I may feel ready to spread my wings a little - it’s very frightening though! I want to be as good as my dad one day and make him proud.


Restaurant James Sommerin,

The Esplanade,



CF64 3AU.

Tel: 029 2070 6559,

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