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Ellie Goulding, Delirium, Interview, Music

Deliriously Happy


"Everything is just fine and dandy for Ellie Goulding - new album Delirium, new tour… and rumours of an impending engagement."




REDHANDED: Hi Ellie! Before we chat about the new album… 50 Shades of Grey. You wrote Love Me Like You Do for the soundtrack. Jamie Dornan who played Christian Grey is pretty fit isn’t he? Would you like to explore his darker side?


ELLIE GOULDING: HA! He’s just a lovely dude and a lovely guy. I met him on The Graham Norton Show. I mean like, he is very aesthetically pleasing, it can’t be denied. Some people have just got it haven’t they? I think he’s got it. 


We saw you dance in the video for that track. That’s a real first isn’t it?

Yes, I’ve always refrained from dancing on videos because I’m not sure if I’m a natural dancer… but actually I was quite good at it. I was quite surprised at myself. My dance partner Charlie was saying: ‘No seriously, I think you were really good’. So I’m quite pleased with myself for that.


Have you kept it up at all?

No, I’d like to. I really, really enjoy dancing so I think I’d like to keep having lessons. I love the idea of being able to just spontaneously start ballroom dancing with someone, that’s so cool. 


Maybe you could do Strictly some time?

I love the show! I think it’s pretty hard to win it. You’d want to win wouldn’t you? You’d want to be like, ‘Well, if I’m going to put all this work in and everything…’ then you want to win. 


So, if you’re going to do something, do it well, do it big? Well, yeah, I mean it’s like with anything.

When I take part in a half marathon which I’ve done quite a few times, I always want to be one of the first women across the line. I never am though! I don’t know, I think I was like 600th or something out of 14,000 women.

You really like running don’t you? Do you still find time to do it?

Yeah, well touring, I either run at the hotel or I run at the venue or I run at a gym. I always do some kind of workout. I just make it part of my day because I just think it’s essential to life. It just keeps me healthy and strong and keeps me, you know, a strong performer I suppose.


So, album number three.


What’s it like then? Yes! It’s my third album which is just crazy. I want to keep it up, you know, I don’t want it to be a third album lull kind of thing, I want it to stay up there. There’s a lot of different stuff on there this time but I’d say it’s my biggest pop venture. Part of me views this album as an experiment – to make a big pop album. I made a conscious decision that I wanted it to be on another level.

And the title – Delirium – what’s that all about?

It can be describing a really happy, crazy state, or it can be the complete opposite. I’m constantly in a state of delirium!


The last few years have been pretty spectacular for you haven’t they – 6 million albums, 18 million singles sold worldwide… 


Yeah, well, it’s cool. Compared to some of the bigger artists it’s not that crazy, but for me like, a girl from Hereford, it’s pretty awesome. I’m hoping it will keep going!

You’re very proud of being from Hereford then?


Well, I think a lot of people think I’m from London. They just assume I’m from London and that I went to a theatre school or something but no, I’m just from Hereford, grew up on a council estate - so I’m pretty happy that my music has done well.


You’ve talked in the past about questioning your own abilities. Sounds like you’ve laid that ghost to rest?


You’re right, I feel quite relaxed and I’m happy with the music I’m making, I’m fit and healthy and, you know, that’s the most important thing. I can’t be bothered with having self-doubt or insecurity or whatever. Everyone has that naturally. I’ve been doing this for quite a while now and I’m just so grateful that people still enjoy my music and my songs. So it’s all good.


Some artists write about the people in their lives and the way those relationships impact them, but it’s not something you’ve ever done is it?

No I haven’t. It’s more a mood thing for me. I love poetry and I love some modern poetry – like, I love Carol Ann Duffy - so I try and write my songs in more of a poetic way. I don’t think that I could necessarily write a rap song, you know,
because for me it’s my art and I write in a very specific way. So if I were to write about someone it wouldn’t necessarily come across like that because it’s just not the way I write. Everyone writes in different ways but that’s my vibe. 



Ellie Goulding, Delirium, Interview, Music

Taylor Swift for example is very honest in the way she writes isn’t she? She’s a good friend isn’t she?


I love her. I love her so much. She’s one of my really good friends and I will always have so much respect for her because she’s so smart but such a good song writer and such a good performer and singer. I couldn’t be more complimentary about her. She’s been such a good friend to me and I love the way she writes. It’s true, like, I can relate to what she writes about and I think a lot of girls can and it’s great and we need that. We need that directness and I’m so grateful that it exists. 


She’s all about the music too isn’t she? Not about the image or wearing next to nothing on stage.


Yeah, but you know what, I get accused of wearing next to nothing but that’s not true! I wear shorts which people wear and I wear crop tops but it’s not really like a daring thing. Even if you do wear next to nothing, if you’re making good music and you’re being the artist that you really are and it’s doing well, then good for you.


You and Dougie (Poynter) look quite the loved up couple at the moment! 


Oh thanks. [laughs]


Life is good with him then. There are rumours of wedding bells. Any truth to them?


I mean eventually like, but not now, but eventually yeah. I’m nearly 30… I once had a pretty warped view of marriage because so many people around me had divorced parents. So for a long time I did think that I’d never get married and that men were s**t - all that stuff. But when someone comes along and re-establishes that trust, then it’s nice to think of doing everything the traditional way: having a church wedding, with all my family in one place - I love the idea of that.


Lots to do first?!


Yeah we’ve both got lots to do. [Laughs]


Delirium is in shops from Nov 6. Ellie plays Cardiff on March 8, 2016, at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. More info at
For tickets visit




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