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A Perfect Ten

Ten Mill Lane

A ‘Huddle Interview’ with Bar Manager Adam Beckey and Head Bartender Thomas Johanna.

So how are you selecting stock at Ten Mill Lane?

Adam and Thomas based on their experiences are selecting spirits based on exclusivity, bottle design, most importantly research, characteristics and tasting profiles. Ultimately the final decision is always made by you guys/our guests and friends.

Do you have anything planned for the Summer?

We will again be boasting the outside area which will have a strong focus on Gins this year. Thomas and Adam will be selecting every couple of weeks a variety of interesting Gins and their perfect serves from the ever growing Ten Mill Lane gin portfolio.

What is your summer Drink?

Adam: It depends on the setting if I am home in somerset then there is nothing better than a cold Cider but in the city a simple G&T does the job.

Thomas: It depends on the occasion and the people I am with, normally I go for a refreshing G&T or a nice and chilled glass of Champagne.

What do you love about Ten Mill Lane?

Adam: in my opinion the sense of family among the staff and that everyone wants the best for the business with the guest at the forefront of everything is major. I enjoy the influence that we have on every decision.

Thomas: In my eyes, Ten Mill Lane has beautiful balance between being a nice, chilled cocktail bar and late night party venue. I love the vibe, atmosphere and happy faces of our guests and friends while I am working behind the stick with my Ten Mill Lane family.

Ten Mill Lane

What can we look forward to in the future?

We are working on some exciting stuff for everyone to enjoy including some interesting events and bar development but the main focus for us right now is our new menu that will be released soon.

Ten Mill Lane’s new menu will be released soon.

10, Mill Lane, Cardiff. 02921 151015

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