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6 Of the Best... Capsule Essentials

The concept of a capsule wardrobe has been knocking around the fashion world for decades, namely curating the contents of your closet to a few choice pieces of clobber that create the perfect put-together killer look. As the grooming industry has mushroomed into a multi-billionbuck business and the selection of products has swelled stratospherically, the need for a hard edit has become equally important to our grooming kit. Enter the practice of capsuling, the hoarders’-hated practice of paring back the bathroom cabinet clutter to its bare minimum to concentrate the mind for maximum faff-free impact.

1. Malin+Goetz Sage Body Wash
(236ml, £18) Capsule products are best if they perform double-duty, so this is brilliant because it’s a shower/ shampoo/bath trifecta. Plus, the crisply bosky smell of sage lingers on the skin and in the air. Win-win.

2. Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash
(177ml, £26) New to the market and another multitasker. Not only does it do what it says on the tin and tame the old facial fur, but works well at moisturising and shining up the hair on your head too.

3. The Refinery Shave Foam Gel
(125ml, £18) If the clean-cut look is more your thing, then this is the ne plus ultra of shaving creams. Combining peppermint to cool the skin with its alcohol-free formula to hydrate it, the blade glide is so silkily smooth there’s no need for any pre- or postshave product paraphernalia.

4. Lush Dirty Styling Cream
(104ml, £7.25) This is a great omni-purpose hair styler. Whether your barnet is lank, frizz-curly or desert-dry, this will sort the hair wheat from the chaff without leaving it looking too fry-up greasy or rigor-mortis rigid.

5. Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum
(30ml, £65) Potent without being pore-clagging, this lightweight cream packs a moisture-packing punch. It’s a great all-rounder that brightens, tightens and leaves your face feeling like it’s been Botoxed minus the needles.

6. Dunhill London Icon Elite
(100ml, £77) Fragrance finishes off any grooming routine and this gives great nose. Mixing basenotes of suede and wood with black pepper and cardamon, it is both classic and contemporary and good for work or play. Bonus: the jet-black, textured bottle looks artily cool on a bathroom shelf.

Anthony, Condition and Beard Wash
Dunhill London Icon Elite
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