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Next Year's New You Starts Now!


Comfort food, a crowded social calendar and thickknit jumpers to disguise expanding waistlines and suddenly the season of goodwill becomes the season of bad excuses.

You’ll find no such shirking from our fitness expert, Martin Silva. Below are his top five reasons to put down the pies and get into fitness this winter.

Winning this Winter

Hit the ground running

The trouble with New Year’s resolutions is that they're made in the New Year. Now isthe time to the groundwork for 2016. Come February when your mates are busy breaking their weight-loss promise, you’ll be waving the flag of fitness.


Stoke the fires
Stay diligent to your training through the autumn and winter runs will feel like a walk in the park. Retaining your regime will keep your metabolism high, so you can enjoy an extra mince pie or eight on the big day.


Here tomorrow gone today 
You can make all the pledges in the world but you’ve got to make it happen, so start out small. A fifteen or thirty minute jog is easy and will get you going. Do that every day for a week and you’ll be on your way to feeling better in mind and body.


Fill up on the good stuff
Sure, chocolate and booze taste nice now, but in the long run you’ll feel as empty as a bauble in January and just as round. Stay true to healthy eating, drink plenty of water and exercise for a natural high.


Become the dream
Remember that snap of you on holiday - where you’re on the beach all svelte and happy. You looked and felt great. Well this year you’re going to look even better, so listen to who you want to be and get to the gym now!

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