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Space Fitting FurnitureIs Changing

Over the last four decades independently owned, Space Fitting Furniture have carved a reputation
for creating amazing spaces around the home. This has been built on exceptional standards of customer service, a fundamental understanding of great kitchen and interior design and an ability to get to the heart of what their customers need. Allied to this is great

Space fitting furniture

workmanship, smooth project management and the use of the highest quality fixtures and fittings such as Rational, Siemens and Miele.
Not ones to stand still, Space Fitting Furniture know that as the world changes, so must they. Whilst all their core values and skills are as important as ever, the need for a large showroom, that can only scratch the surface of everything they do, is an increasingly outdated concept.

For this reason, Space Fitting Furniture has evolved into Spaces by Space Fitting Furniture. A new design studio is almost ready, which, from January 2019, will be their fantastic new hub. In addition to showcasing their design skills, this new studio will allow them to dedicate more time to their valued clients. It also means Spaces’ portfolio will be expanding to take on more select brands, including Miton and Binova, exclusive Italian kitchens, which will enable them to offer new, extensive design options.

The new studio will be the perfect environment to sit and discuss design ideas. Clients, new and old, are always welcome to pop in for a coffee and chat, just give them a quick call first to make sure they’re available. Tel: 02920 756840

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