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Forget any pre-conceptions you may have of the Eisteddfod, to be held in Abergavenny July 29 –August 6. Whilst it would be wrong for the jewel in the Welsh cultural crown to move away from all its great traditions, such as bards reading Welsh poetry and that big chair, it has moved with the times and is a far more inclusive and welcoming event than it ever has been.

We’ve had the Maes B for a while now – and it’s a great and fun opportunity to appreciate young Welsh bands – which has widened the Eisteddfod’s appeal but there’s also a conscious effort to include learner or non Welsh speakers. The message is you don’t have to speak Welsh to enjoy the Eisteddfod. With plenty of music, art and dance on
offer, and free translation in the Pavilion you can follow everything. For those with an interest in learning Welsh the Maes D is the place to be. This is the centre for learners on the Maes and is a hub of activity during the week.

Eisteddfod 2016

There’s plenty going on for all the family too - from children’s literature to science and technology demos, from art galleries to 250 trade-stands, you’ll be able to keep everyone happy.

Eisteddfod 2016

For more info:

Tel. 0845 4090 800

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