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Tiger Bay The Musical comes to life at the Wales Millennium Centre on 13th November – a flamboyant multi-ethnic community of Cardiff’s Butetown in the early 1900s. Extreme poverty meets supreme wealth. Gangs of street children roam the docks. Coal is King, and in the notorious public houses and alleyways of the city’s underworld, a revolution is brewing. It follows a young woman’s determination to challenge society’s injustices, follow her heart and realise her dreams. 

To celebrate their biggest production to date, Wales Millennium Centre have been working in conjunction with Glamorgan Brewing Company to produce ‘Tiger Bay Welsh Pale Ale’. Brewed locally it embodies all that’s best about Wales: it’s easy going, approachable and will keep you coming back!  These limited-edition bottles have beautifully designed labels featuring the Tiger Bay The Musical brand and graphics, so are a unique edition to any beer lover’s collection.

To win a whole crate of Tiger Bay Welsh Pale Ale simply go to our facebook page @ Redhandedmagazine to enter!

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