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Welsh Spirit(s)


Cardiff is changing for the better, and fast. According to, it is “projected to be the UK’s fastest growing city over the next 20 years”, and you can see it when you walk around the city. This growth has meant new buildings, bars and businesses appearing all over the city, and it is only going to continue. It is important, then, to remember we aren’t just any city – we are the Welsh capital.


Supporting Welsh business and produce has always been something the team at Lab 22 value highly, and with the continued development in the city it is now more important than ever to do so. As a cocktail bar, they obviously get through a lot of booze, so they include as many Welsh products as they can. There are so many lovely liquids being produced over the country, and tasting as good as they do, they’re really easy to get behind. The likes of Tiny Rebel of Newport and Pipes from Cardiff make a wonderful variety of fantastic beers. Aber Falls, a distillery in Abergwyngregyn on the north coast, creates a delicious selection of gins and liqueurs. Lab 22 like them so much they teamed up with Aber Falls at the top of Snowdonia to distill the world’s first gin at the summit!

The team at Lab 22 do their best to locally source as much of their non-alcoholic produce as possible too. All their fruit and many of their cocktail garnishes come from Cardiff Market. They also use a lot of coffee (whether more goes into espresso martinis or staff on a Saturday night, we don’t know), so they get their coffee from their favourite local roastery Uncommon Ground, who have created a unique blend just for Lab 22. Local businesses supporting one another is incredibly important for the community, so here’s

to looking after the neighbours so we can all grow alongside our beautiful city. Cheers!
Lab 22, 22 Caroline St, CardiCF10 1FG. Tel. 029 2039 9997

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