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Grooming Gifts

The team at Groom For Men have spotted a trend amongst their customers in recent years. More and more people are spending serious time and effort trying to find a truly special gift for their brothers, fathers, sons and partners. We all know men aren’t easy to buy for, so this is not a simple task.

To make life a whole lot easier for those looking for a unique present, whether it’s Christmas, Fathers’ Day or a birthday, Groom For Men can solve this head ache for you. And in a way that’ll put a huge smile on the face of the recipient. From a voucher for a hot towel shave, up to a unique, bespoke gift package, Groom For Men, in Canton and Penarth, have a comprehensive range of products and treatments designed specifically for men who want to look, smell and feel great.

While most customers’ first experience of Groom For Men will probably be a haircut, it’s the range and quality of the treatments that has ensured a loyal and growing following. A voucher can be had for any of these treatments including: Haircut & Hot Towel Shave, Haircut & Colour, Haircut & Eyebrow Wax, Haircut & Styling Product, Swedish Massage, Body Waxing, Spray Tanning, Manicures & Pedicures, Skin Hydrating.

A great gift, and one you might not think of for man, is a manicure. It’s remarkable how many compliments well-groomed nails get and it’s the perfect gift someone who works outdoors, does weights or whose hands take a battering.

The Cardiff Salon, has a spa area (including showers, a hot-tub and sauna). It’s a great way to relax or get in the mood for a night out, especially for sportsmen and young professionals who want a deep clean and refresh before hitting the tiles. You can even try it free the first time – just ask one of the team.

If the man in your life spends a lot of time lifting weights in the gym, working outdoors in the cold weather, or if his hands take a battering at work, our manicures will make the perfect gift for him (and you).

If you’re short on ideas, get in touch – whatever your budget and state of the man in question, Groom For Men will save the day.

Check out our website:, call us on 02921 320204 or follow us on Facebook for more info. If you’re looking for something bespoke, e-mail or call us in detail. 

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