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There's No Need To Be

SAD This Winter...

The nights are drawing in but there’s no need to feel SAD. The good news is that SAD is a condition that Momentum Coaching can help you with.

Many people notice change in their mood at this time of year and this can range from feeling low and lethargic to severe depression. The cause of these mood swings are often a result of Seasonal Affective Disorder commonly known as SAD brought on by dark nights and short days.

However, there are tools and techniques we can use to counteract these “winter blues” which for many can be very debilitating. When working with my clients at Momentum Coaching I like to focus on SNP – not the Scottish political party but an acronym for focusing on the Solution Not the Problem.

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) there are tools and techniques we can use to change our mood. This is achieved by creating “an anchor” to a positive state – a technique that achieves conditioned responses enabling clients to switch states. Thoughts are very powerful. For example, if we close our eyes and imagine ourselves in a warm sun, our mind can trigger a pleasurable feeling. Of course, we are all individuals so these positive anchors are unique. Another potential factor is the change in diet. At this time of year we often revert to eating stodgier food.

People in parts of Scandinavia that eat high levels of fish are believed to be less affected by SAD. So it’s worth experimenting with changes to the food we eat as you’d be amazed at the difference it makes to your overall mood. There is also a tendency to exercise less during the winter which can result in increased tiredness and fatigue.

Christmas is also another potential trigger to increased stress. To deal with the demands of Christmas it’s important to get our mind-set right. Look back at previous years and note the pros and cons as we often make the same “never again” mistakes. So be kind to yourself this Christmas – be happy not SAD.

Kevin is a qualified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and offers individually tailored sessions from his base in Llantwit Major as well as home visits or consultations via telephone or Skype.

For more details go to www.momentum-coaching. or tel: 07766 018831

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