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Diamonds are forever and throughout time have signified giving and receiving love.

Fine jeweller Crouch selects its diamonds with love and care while highly knowledgeable sales consultants are dedicated to making buying that special ring a magical experience for you. Crouch takes its own vows to give exceptional customer service to heart so expect a champagne-style reception when you arrive.

The mythical Roman goddess of dawn was Aurora, whose tears turned into morning dew. Crouch has captured those luminous droplets and turned them into sparkling diamond rings. Aurora is Crouch’s own brand of IGI-certificated solitaire diamond engagement rings, which feature a unique mount that sets off the stones to eye-catching effect.

There is an old belief that engagement and wedding rings are worn on the third finger – the Vena Amoris or Vein of Love - as it’s thought to be directly connected to the heart.

Crouch offers wedding bands in white, yellow and rose gold, or platinum, some studded with exquisitely patterned diamonds, and for gents there’s also the popular palladium. All fulfil that promise of “With this ring...”

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