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Get Healthy this Summer

As summer slowly creeps towards us, it’s time to shrug of the sluggishness of winter and… get healthy!


Up the fibre

A lack of fibre can leave us feeling sluggish. Aim for 18g per day; there are 4g in a bowl of bran flakes, 3g in a baked potato and 2g in an apple. Reach the daily target by eating wholegrain carbs, plus plenty of fruit and veg.


Catch some sunlight

Get as much natural light as possible to help up energy levels. After April, the UV in sunlight should be strong enough to make vitamin D, too, so go bare-skinned for 15-20 minutes before slapping on the SPF.


Feed your good bugs

Eating more prebiotic foods encourages the growth of good gut bacteria, which supports the immune system as well as aiding digestion. Good sources include onions, asparagus, leeks, artichokes and bananas.



According to ancient Chinese wisdom, clutter equals energy that’s trapped, thus draining energy from the people around it. A clear-out could do more for our wellbeing than we may think, especially our head health.


Choose good mood foods

Iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins are all vital nutrients for psychological wellbeing. Eat lots of fish, low-fat dairy, nuts, wholegrains and modest amounts of lean red meat.

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