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5 Great Bars in Cardiff in 2014

5 Great Bars in Cardiff

Cardiff is well known for its varied nightlife. There’s everything from huge clubs that can take thousands seven nights a week to small independently run bar-restaurants. For this feature, we took a look at the best bars in Cardiff in 2014 to see how they stand up to the test of time. It’s more about good food, craft ales and well-mixed cocktails than Jager-bomb-and-kebab type nights out, but there’s still something here for everyone.

1. Live Lounge. This favorite with both professionals and students has good music and great food before turning into one of the busiest and latest-closing Cardiff Bars. Live rock, pop, and acoustic music is regularly featured by professional bands to keep the party going.

2. Gwdihw. Tucked away from the main drag, this small and often crowded little gem has an eclectic music taste, having hosted Balkan, electro-swing, jazz, and punk nights. Caters generally towards trendy professionals and students. Features a good selection of ales and spirits.

3. Face 11. Face 11 is a new bar-restaurant in Cathays. It’s a smart night-spot serving some extremely tasty home-made pizzas and cocktails.

4. Urban Taphouse. A new addition to the Cardiff nightlife serving fantastic real ale and cider courtesy of the Tiny Rebel Brewery. They also have a burger-heavy food menu that’s especially good for carnivores. At night they’ve already got a reputation for their live music, as well as their decidedly hipstery crowd of regulars.

5. Porter’s. Another one slightly off the beaten track, this bar has regular film nights and one of the best open mike’s in Cardiff. Voted best in Wales in the observer’s ‘best places to drink’ poll. Try the coleslaw and the giant Jenga outside in the beer garden.

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