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Former Gordon Ramsay Chef returns to Cardiff with new supper club 

Lee Skeet, previous Head Chef of Michelin star restaurant, Hedone, has returned to Cardiff after three years away from the kitchen and has launched an awesome supper club.

Lee had trained under Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and Tom Aikens before taking the helm at Hedone, which was listed in the world’s 100 best restaurants, the UK’s top 10, and held a Michelin star. Following his departure from the restaurant Lee held an acclaimed series of supper clubs in London, Cardiff and the Southwest which led to being shortlisted for the Young British Foodie Chef of the Year Award. 

Three years ago, with the next six months’ of supper clubs in Cardiff already sold out in advance, Lee and his son were run over in a hit and run accident, leaving him badly injured and unable to return to the kitchen.

Now though, after three years of recovery, Lee has permanently moved to Cardiff and will be launching Bones Supper Club following the relaxing of lockdown restrictions in August.

The supper club will be a throwback to the original loft style New York and London supper clubs, and will see Lee using a friend’s apartment to cook a multi course tasting menu of seasonal British produce for just one party per evening.

Lee told RedHanded Magazine; “After spending so much time away from the kitchen, and everyone having to lockdown for the last few months, I felt this would be the perfect time and setting for me to get back to cooking at a high level. I will only be taking one reservation a day and will be cooking and serving that table personally in a domestic setting. I think this will let me have a balance of a relaxed and welcoming setting where diners don’t need to worry about socially distancing from other guests and they can be completely relaxed in their evening. It’s also something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time to let me just focus on cooking for one table each day and really push myself to be cooking the absolute best food of my life. My hope is to create a completely personalised, welcoming and casual atmosphere whilst offering a very high level of cookery that will hopefully stand out in Cardiff. In this sense lockdown has actually benefited me as I feel the timing now is perfect to invite people away from a normal restaurant and into a domestic setting to experience a meal they can’t get anywhere else in Cardiff.

Lee is a native of the Southwest and will receive seafood and game daily from his suppliers in Cornwall, creating a tasting menu each evening that will be unique to each reservation.

“I’m just really excited to be cooking again. Three years of recovery from my accident was a long time to be away and was hell to go through but it’s put me in a really good position now to just get my head down and focus on improving. I feel like I’ve got a point to prove- especially to myself- that I can cook at a high level, and I’ve got lost time to make up for. I’m really hoping that this supper club will just be the start, and that given time I’m going to make a good impact on the Cardiff food scene.”

The tasting menu is expected to include Lee’s signature dishes like; Roast Cornish duck, wild mushrooms and sea vegetables, and St Ives Bay crab with local tomato consommé and wild beach mint.

The tasting menu is priced at just £50 per head for around 6 courses. Reservations are now available between August and October and can be booked at

There is no minimum number of guests or minimum spend so whether you bring your social bubble or you’d like to dine as a couple your evening will be yours to relax and enjoy with your guests.


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